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What is Luxury Lawn Fabric? Things to Know About it

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Lawn fabric is the form of a plain and breathable fabric made with cotton. Moreover, this fabric has more threads. It is why the texture of the lawn is silky. Commonly, lawn clothes are made with yarn. Also, it is made with carded yarn. But what is luxury lawn fabric? Well! The way of manufacturing lawn clothes shows that these are semi-transparent. That is why lawn has a sheer appearance. Also, the lawn is lightweight, which makes it famous for summer dresses.

In some cases, the lawn dress by Hadia Premium is made in bleach white. Then, it is printed with beautiful patterns. In rare cases, lawn dress is dyed during the manufacturing process. But this dress may even be printed after dyeing.

Lawn Cloth Technical Specifications

Do you want to know what luxury lawn fabric is? Well! Lawn fabric is similar to many other natural fabrics. It is a plain pile of fabric with a soft texture. It means this fabric has threads that are twisted with each other. This way, lawn fabric offers a simple and plain structure. That is why lawn becomes perfect for cutting and sewing.

But why Pakistani suits are called lawn? During sewing, we recommend using a plain needle. This is because lawn fabric has a high thread count. Lawn cloth piles may be rely on the manufacturer. But commonly, the lawn has a warp count of 70 and a weft count of 100. Also, the fabric has 80 ends and 80 picks in one inch. As a result, the common thread count of lawn fabric is around 150-200. That is why lawn fabric is the finest cotton pile.

How is Lawn Cloth Fabric Used?

The major use of lawn fabric is in shalwar kameez. This use is not only limited to Pakistan, but it is common all over the globe. The demand for this plain and soft fabric is high among different populations. No doubt, lawn suits are a major component of Pakistani culture.

Not only is it useful for the shalwar kameez, but the lawn is also useful in Western culture. In such a culture, the lawn is useful for making sheer blouses and shirts. Also, the lawn is useful for making skirts and western dresses. However, the use of lawns in Western culture is not as common as it was once.

Though Pakistan and India always use lawn dresses. However, this practice is not common in Western culture and production houses. While designers in North America and Europe dye lawn fabric. Also, they may bleach the lawn in white color.

Moreover, the lawn fabric is lightweight and breathable. This is why Western designers use lawns to make undergarments. At the same time, this fabric was common and famous in the manufacturing of handkerchiefs.

Due to its soft feel, now lawn fabric is useful in pinafores. This is the lightweight overall garment that girls use to wear over dresses.


As we have explored, what is luxury lawn fabric? Lawn fabric is famous because of dyes, prints and other shades. Also, there are many types of fabrics that are related to lawns. Commonly, lawn fabric is made with cotton. As a result, it does not have any negative impact. At the same time, it has a neutral effect on the environment.

Cotton is an organic material and biodegradable. So it doesn’t release any chemicals to the environment. However, it is not possible that the cultivation of cotton is always eco-friendly. You can buy the best collection of lawn wear at Hadia Premium.